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Treatment Options

What treatment options are available?

The best treatment option for your particular situation will depend on a range of factors which we will discuss in our Initial Assessment Appointment. Treatment options may include any of the following: Braces, Functional Appliances, Removable Plates, Invisalign, and Mini-screws.


These are the most commonly used braces and will often provide the best results especially for more complex orthodontic problems. These braces are made of high grade stainless steel brackets that are cemented to the teeth. The arch wire fits into the brackets and is held in place by a coloured o-ring. The o-rings are changed regularly throughout the treatment so the patient can choose a colour to match their mood: a discrete white or silver to blend in or a more vibrant shade to stand out!  



These braces look great!  The clear or white brackets blend nicely with the teeth making them much less obvious. The wire may be silver or tooth coloured and is held in place by a white coated metal tie or clear o-ring.

Braces Before & After


This system of straightening teeth uses a series of clear plastic aligners with each aligner being worn for one to two weeks before moving on to the next. 


They are barely visible to others so patients feel less self conscious wearing them. 


In addition, they are removed for eating so there are less dietary restrictions and are taken out for cleaning the teeth making brushing and flossing much easier than braces. 


Invisalign can be used in younger children and teenagers but is especially popular with adults who want to avoid wearing braces.

Invisalign Before and After


Functional appliances are mostly used in children that have a lower jaw that is setback compared to the upper jaw. 


These appliances can be removable, for example a Twinblock which consists of upper and lower plates; or can consist of metal components attached directly to the teeth. 


In many cases the use of functional appliances can prevent the need for extraction of adult teeth during treatment.

Functional Appliances Before & After

Functional Appliances

These appliances are used to correct simple orthodontic problems like crossbites or to create space for further teeth to grow. 


The are often, though not exclusively, used in younger patients.  In many instances they may prevent the need for full treatment (braces) later on.

Removable Plates Before & After

Removable Plates

These tiny screws are a great replacement for the old fashioned head gear that many parents will remember wearing.


They are needed in some patients along with braces or Invisalign to help treat more challenging orthodontic problems, to gain a better orthodontic result or to avoid needing extraction of adult teeth. 


Mini screws are inserted into the gum following an injection of local anaesthetic and once in place they just need to be kept clean and they will work wonders.

Mini-screws Before & After


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